Monthly Archives: August 2007


I have to be honest I’m not a huge fan of journaling. But it is so important and I’m always having to reengage and make myself start doing it again. This past week I got back to writing on nearly a daily basis and I pulled out a journal I hadn’t used in a year. And that’s when I really understood why it is so important. I’m in the Word on a regular basis, but I don’t write down my thoughts and what God is speaking to me in a journal. But I read my entry from August 23 of last year. I was in a tough place and was really down and was reading about David being broken and Hezekiah being humbled and I wrote about how I realized God was working in me, even though it hurt and that I needed to be there. I didn’t know what was going to happen next in my journey, but now looking back, I know that within just a few weeks of me reading and journaling about what God had been doing in me, things began to radically change and God took me down an incredible path that gave me freedom to move forward. Without that journal entry I wouldn’t have a place to look back and remember what God has done. To read my intimate thoughts at that particular time. Throughout the Old Testament we see God’s people forget over and over again what God had done for them and screw up. We do the same thing. Maybe not quite as spectacularly as they did, but we still do it. That’s why I know I need to journal. I forget way to easy. Thank you Lord for what you have done in this past year and for prompting me to write it down so I can remember and give you praise.


Lovin the church

Just got back from three days of planning and strategizing for the church that is sponsoring our plant. It was a lot of sitting and talking but it was good. I love the church. It is about people and the mission given us by Jesus. It’s about the most important thing on Earth. How bigger does it get? How do guys sit around big fancy board rooms and strategize and get excited about widgets and Krispity Krunch? We got Jesus. Why don’t we sit around and strategize more often? We should do this all the time and then we should go to it. Talk is good, talk opens thought and innovation, but ultimately talk does not move forward the action line. My prayer is the talk leads to action, I know it will in my life. I’m full of challenges to face and next steps to accomplish. Lord help me get after making your church what you want it to be so people know Jesus!


Okay that’s spread out over a long period, but hey 700 views is 700 views! Some day I’ll look back and reminisce about the good old days of 700 views…

Studying Churches

I realized over the last few days that I really enjoy digging into how churches live out being churches. We are called to be a part of THE Church, but that is expressed in so many ways throughout the world, and I believe that that is a healthy expression of the Church. I curious how flow happens and service happens and community happens. How planning and strategy influence the accomplishment of mission. Why do some churches flourish and others die an agonizing death. Sometimes I make assumptions that turn out to be completely off base and then I want to discover what did I miss what is a particular church really about. Not one model is right, as God has made each of us unique, He has made each church unique. I love that, God is creative and expansive, why shouldn’t His Church be and It’s expression as the local church? Models come and go, trends appear and disappear, methodologies adjust and churches flow with that. How interesting to observe and examine how and why? I don’t see myself become an academic student of Ecclesiology, but it is interesting to learn and examine. How will it truly influence me as a church planter? I already know certain churches that influence me greatly (if you know me, you what those are) but how will that truly influence the church I lead? It will still be unique and have its own flow, believe plans are being put in place and strategic initiatives so I know what it will look like from an elemental sense, but what will it become? How will God in His unique creativity direct Ephesus Church? Exciting stuff…

Rough Draft of the Ephesus Church promo video

Here’s the rough draft of our church plant promo video. It’s been compressed so a little grainy, but it’s still smokin.

Thanks to Jason for the hard work getting it together in the middle of moving and preparing for a wedding. I still think you should move to NC. And thanks to Doug for letting me rip off the idea!

This new church in Charlotte is moving forward. We’re needing prayer for the right team to continue to come together and for the right place to meet to become available for a very cheap price. So keep praying and send the comments! Once the full version is ready you’ll hear it here first.