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Old school techno with a message

I was listening to a favorite of mine today, Raving Lunatics, fronted by Scott Blackwell and unfortunately gone to obscurity I think after one album. But this album is on iTunes and I hadn’t heard it in a while (thanks Mike B. for the intro it several years back), so I got it a few weeks ago and was listening this morning. As a Foursquare guy it’s the greatest because it drops smooth grooves over the top of preaching from Scott Bauer and Aimee Semple McPherson so I feel holier just listening to it…. Anyway, track 3 is a song called Bound and it is Scott Bauer preaching on Lazarus coming out of the grave. What we don’t often realize is Lazarus would have been nasty when he came out. Wrapped in linen strips that have been absorbing the stink of his death for 3 days, bodily fluids that would have been released…you get the idea. But it was still Jesus working a miracle. Lazarus was alive again, new birth, but there was still some stink around. Jesus’ miracle wasn’t surrounded by clean, sterile faith in a nice package. Jesus’ miracle was earth-shattering and enormous but it was done in a messy place with a messy guy who had been dead for 3 days. Why do we expect everyone to come to the cross clean and looking clean shaven? Can Jesus not do a miracle in messy people with filth still clinging to them? Should Mary and Martha told Lazarus to go back into the tomb until he could get himself cleaned up? Powerful stuff, I haven’t responded to a sermon like that in a long time. Am I truly ready to accept the messy people Jesus is doing miracles in? I’ve got to search my heart…now where’s my glow stick and lollipop I’ve got some more techno to listen to!



Check out Pandora Radio

If you haven’t already, you have to check out Pandora Radio.  It is built on the Music Genome Project, which the site will explain much better than I will so read it there. You can also see what I’m listening to at my profile page. Is it just me or have we all become so addicted to music? Not only that we have become addicted to manipulating and creating our own content. I’ve had Sirius for a few months now and am canceling at the end of this month just to trim the budget, but man will I miss the options. Terrestrial radio is really lame and I don’t have an iPod to hook up in the car. So if you have a spare $12.95 a month or an extra iPod laying around the house let me know. I’m trying to figure out how to stream Pandora to the Treo I’m getting on Monday. Any suggestions?