Lovin the church

Just got back from three days of planning and strategizing for the church that is sponsoring our plant. It was a lot of sitting and talking but it was good. I love the church. It is about people and the mission given us by Jesus. It’s about the most important thing on Earth. How bigger does it get? How do guys sit around big fancy board rooms and strategize and get excited about widgets and Krispity Krunch? We got Jesus. Why don’t we sit around and strategize more often? We should do this all the time and then we should go to it. Talk is good, talk opens thought and innovation, but ultimately talk does not move forward the action line. My prayer is the talk leads to action, I know it will in my life. I’m full of challenges to face and next steps to accomplish. Lord help me get after making your church what you want it to be so people know Jesus!


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