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Pastoral Crash and Burn

Today I spoke in church about the spiritual battle we’re a part of and led in to the armor of God. But one of the points was understanding what is at stake. Kind of the notes to myself that I didn’t preach out loud was what is at stake for me as a pastor. I’ve really been struck lately with how much moral failure is out there in pastoral ministry, they seem to drop all over the place, and as God gives me more responsibility I’m becoming much more aware of what is at stake. I have to stand strong IN HIM and only Him. It’s so easy to slip back into my ways and gifts and abilities and ultimately blow it I’m sure. Mark Driscoll shared some incredibly sobering statistics on his blog about this. I don’t want to be one of those guys. I’ve now been in pastoral ministry for almost 7 years so I beat one statistic, for those of you who know me, please help me stay focused on Him…


Steven Furtick who pastors a massively growing church in Charlotte, also blogged about this issue last week. As I shook hands and what not in the foyer of our church after I had preached yesterday I had several people give me good comments about it, and even as I listened, in my mind I was thinking “I can’t blow this,” meaning make a disqualifying moral mistake. #1 my wife, Casey, has already given me a pretty clear indication of what would happen (thanks baby!) and # 2 there is just too much at stake. This is one of those good fears though I think cause I have to keep this at the front of my brain constantly.