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Preachin the Word, Preachin the Word

Well, I preached today at church in all three services. Most folks I’ve ever preached in front, about 2500 or so. Why do we have to call it “preaching?” Sounds to formal. Anyway, it went well. I had good response and I got to talk about our church plant some. Shared our vision of going into Uptown Charlotte and people really responded to that. It’s amazing how much more of a response we’ve gotten since God’s given us the vision for Uptown. It would seem nobody could get excited about one more suburban church (including us) but they’re gathering around this new vision. It’s pretty incredible seeing God move in all this. So anyway, this morning went well. I realized I’m out of practice. Preaching/teaching really is work, and I can tell I’m out of the routine, but at the same time I HAD to rely on God (go figure huh?). So good stuff. The youth worship team led this morning too. I love watching young people worship God, and besides they know how to rock. I’ve always said, if Pink Floyd ever led worship…


I got called up

Found out yesterday, I’m speaking in all 3 services at our church on July 22nd. Come on out and watch the mayhem!

I’ve made it to the platform

I’ll be opening our 11am service this weekend, my first official duty from the platform! I’ll be doing water baptisms at our 9 and 11 am services on May 20th and communion at all 3 services on June 3rd. So good times there!