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Last night I was supposed to go to CharlotteONE for the first time. I had flyers printed up to help promote Ephesus there, announced in church that I was hoping a group of us could go together and intentionally asked off of my restaurant job for last night a few weeks ago in anticipation of going to CharlotteONE. To make a long story short, I ended up getting off of the restaurant job about an hour later than anticipated. What this meant was that I would get home, take a shower and immediately leave again with no time to see my family. As many of you know, my schedule is a little out of whack these days and I am home very little. I will be gone most of the rest of the evenings this week and was gone most of last weekend. Even before I left work I made the decision that I was not going to go to CharlotteONE but instead was going to stay home. Several people from Ephesus were planning on meeting me at CharlotteONE and I tried to touch base with them to let them know my change of plans. I hope ya’ll still went!

Bottom line, I don’t regret the decision at all. I came home from a full day of working to a house full of kids and my wife. With nothing now pressing on my schedule I could give them my full attention. Casey had to run some errands and I suggested we all go. With 3 kids it’s not often we all run errands together. It was loud and crazy, but we were together. We went to the party store for streamers for bike day at Casey’s school. The boys and I explored all the fun party toys and looked at each other backwards through toy binoculars. My favorite part was when I put on a Darth Vader mask and told the boys “I am your father!” which I think is hilarious because I am their father!. Riley pointed out all the bad Halloween decorations because they are bad and Riley loves Jesus, and we generally had a crazy, fun time. We came home, gave them all baths and I read some of The Hobbit to the kids. Ridge then declared he was the “prayer leader” for the night and prayed for everyone before bed. Then it was tuck ins and lights out for the kids. Casey and I then watched two different movies thanks to modern technology, but finished the night on our knees praying for our family and our church before crawling into bed and going to sleep side by side.

So I missed CharlotteONE last night and probably messed up some people’s plans to meet up there. I’m a little sorry about that, but I know I made the right decision and focused on the right priorities last night.


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