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The podcasts will continue to be updated! Week 1 in our series on the church has not yet been uploaded because we have run out of space on our free podcast service we are using. We are working out the final kinks on our own dedicated server which will be hosting our audio & video (coming soon) podcasts, our new website (coming VERY soon) and our email. We’ll be a self-contained internet content machine! Thanks to Brian Sullivan for working all of this out, and look for two new audio podcasts (The Church pts. 1 & 2) next week.

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The podcast…

There is now officially 3 files on our podcast feed. Crazy! It’s cool stuff. We’re recording via a M-Audio FireWire Solo Mobile Audio Interface straight from our soundboard to a MacBook. Right now we’re recording the audio into GarageBand, but are looking to use Cubase or ProTools very soon. We’re also using GarageBand to do post-production on the podcast. We also have a Mac Mini on order that will become our dedicated recording device. We opted to record our audio straight to digital and avoid the extra step of either cassette (who the heck can even play one of those anymore?) or CD recording. Being a mobile church this saves us the need to store media and we can keep everything online. The reality is, the audio interface and Mini are not much more expensive than a decent CD recorder, and we’re not having to purchase blank CD media on a regular basis. It’s a nice solution that has not required too much technical expertise. Adam Wilson, our worship leader, is also able to use the interface throughout the week for recording to enhance the worship and provide audio tracks for the worship team to use in their rehearsals. Of course, right now we don’t have a backup recording option, but we will get there eventually. It’s pretty cool seeing all the Macs running in the back for our visual displays and for our audio recording. It appeals to the hidden geek inside.

Our next goal is to get our vodcasting up and running. We are currently recording via video on our Sony HDR-HC7 HDV 1080i camcorder. It’s a high end consumer-grade HD camera. It does very well in good lighting conditions, but what we’re struggling with right now is the dated lighting in the 100 year old church we rent on Sunday evenings. We’re very limited in our lighting options right now and are hesitant to invest in any lighting solutions as the building owner is in the midst of major renovations. Anything we may acquire now could become unnecessary in only a few weeks. So for now we are dialing in the options with the camera in preparation of the lighting to make the vodcast viable.

Just a little info on what we’re doing at Ephesus. The audio podcast is currently available via the iTunes Music Store, and is hosted by Podbean for free while we set up our own dedicated server which we should have running in the next month or so. A little something we may give a shot at just for fun is actually setting up a video chat with a friend of mine from the back of the sanctuary so he can experience our service from California. I’m fairly confident the quality will be very low, but it will be a real-time, low-cost opportunity to provide online interactivity with what we’re doing at Ephesus. It’s just the test bed for where we would like to see ourselves get as a global community.

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A little more about Facebook and Ephesus

This is a brief description I wrote about what we’re using Facebook for with Ephesus…

We’re a new church that is set to officially launch on Easter of 08 in the Uptown area of Charlotte, NC. I have begun to work on creating an online presence mainly through FB (v.1 of our website is at this is mainly a placemark until our full site is up, interestingly my main goal with the web site right now is to drive people to our FB group). I’ve created a group Ephesus Church Charlotte, that has allowed me a place to get information out, post videos, create events and work on building momentum before we have physically launched. I’m working on creating video devos, mini sermons, that will be posted to the Group Page to drive discussion and begin to give people a feel of what Ephesus is about, as well as engage those from around the country who have joined the group. It’s a low cost (free!) way to begin an online church. It’s long term impact? Don’t know yet, but with 5 months still left before our official launch we already have 94 people engaged in what God is wanting to do through Ephesus. A year ago, that wouldn’t have been possible. Yes, FB was here, but people’s engagement in it was not. What a cool and unique opportunity to present Jesus to our community both physical and online!

Moving Forward

We had our first info meeting last week. This was the first opportunity for people to begin getting plugged in to Ephesus. We had 58 at the meeting! Very cool. There was probably close to 20 or so more who had other commitments but are interested at what is going on. We’re moving forward. The web site is in place. Right now it’s just a real basic site right now, we are moving forward on a more permanent, customized site. I’m also working on getting some more media content up. I’ve run into some technical difficulties with the first video devo, but that’s why we’re working out the details now! Anyway, it’s exciting stuff to see the momentum that is beginning to roll. The challenge is keeping it going. We’re now moving into admin mode to get the communication channels going as we move forward. Getting quality infrastructure together is tough at the start when the team is still forming. I realize that right now with no physical presence our “front door” is going to be our media and web site. I’m wanting everything to be top notch from the start, but that is certainly a challenge as resources are slim. It’s funny though, even as I write this I’m realizing God is going to make this thing happen. I know that, but it’s different from owning that truth. We need to do our best to do things with excellence and those who know me know I’m always striving for the best we can achieve, BUT God is at the center. How cliche that often seems, but when you sense the truth of that statement it’s truly encouraging. Anyway, wanted to get some thoughts up, it’s late, but I haven’t blogged in a while.


You know Facebook’s Group function is pretty good stuff. I’ve set up a group, Ephesus Church Charlotte and have been able to upload video, communicate our vision and sent mass emails about what is upcoming. It really has some great features all for free. It’s really opening some opportunities to get an online church off the ground with very little upfront cost. This week I’ll be launching video devo’s on the group page. These will be “sermonettes” walking through the book of Ephesians and why it’s foundational to the vision of Ephesus Church. From there we’ll be able to engage in discussion on the devo and link to pertinent web pages too. Cool stuff. Later I’ll be using YouVersion to enhance the experience. If you haven’t seen YouVersion yet head this way . It’s still in beta, but promises to be a very powerful tool. Anyway, get on Facebook join the Ephesus Church Charlotte group and keep up with how God wants to impact Charlotte through Ephesus Church.