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Okay, so I finally saw 300…


I finally completed my journey into manhood last night and watched the movie “300”. I enjoyed the graphic novel approach to the visual look of the film. It gave it a fresh perspective and allowed you to suspend disbelief the way you need to to get into a movie like this. Overall, it was a good movie, lots of blood, but heck look at the title graphic. And anytime you throw a LOTR guy in there, I have this strange loyalty that kicks in (for sake of full disclosure, I’m listening to the Return of the King soundtrack right now). Right at the beginning though, something jumped out at me. The way Leonidas, and apparently every Spartan warrior, is trained as a lethal killing machine. As a boy he is taught to fight and battle and not show fear or be intimidated no matter what. He becomes a warrior who earns his stripes by killing a massive wolf in the snow while in his underwear. He is portrayed as a warrior who feels no emotion, the perfect soldier, the perfect Spartan. Now, later in the movie we see he is passionate about his wife (I always dig movies that show married couples can be passionately in love, often it’s just people who aren’t married who really love each other and marriage is portrayed as where relationships go to die, not true!!), loves his son and loves his people (he becomes the Spartan king). Really the whole lead up to his initiation as a warrior doesn’t couple with the Leonidas we see later; he becomes a warrior surely, but he loves and cares for those around him too, a little out of character from what we’re told Spartans are trained to become.

Anyway, while watching this whole scene of a young Leonidas and the wolf, coupled with the narration explaining his lack of fear and emotion, only focused on killing led me to think of David of the bible. Here’s a guy who took down lions and bears. He then went on to single handedly battle a giant who had been striking fear into the entire army of Israel. Then of course went on to become one of the greatest kings in history….The point is, he loved the Lord. He sang songs, played instruments, danced! He wrote poetry and cared for people. And within the heart of this artist and compassionate guy was someone who could bare-handedly kill lions, bears and giants. That’s hardcore. He wasn’t raised in a culture of pain and hardship. He’s a man’s man who loved the Lord with all his heart, yet when the battle came he faced it. There’s a hero to look to…


Adam Sandler, Reign Over Me vs. Billy Madison

I just recently watched Reign Over Me with Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. It’s amazing how far Sandler has come since Billy Madison. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Billy Madison fan, often accused of mimicking him when I make my sarcastic mocking voice. I mean “flaming bags of poop” is a line that will live on in movie lore for ages, but Sandler continues to expand his acting range as many comedians do. This movie in particular brings such depth and thought. It’s real and authentic. The dichotomy between Sandler’s struggles from the loss of his family and Cheadle’s struggles from the seeming monotony of it all. He has everything, Sandler has lost it all, yet both are deeply struggling. Sandler’s character seemingly has all the freedom that Cheadle desires, but it is not all that it seems. Sandler has all but lost the ability to care and remember his family. Cheadle feels trapped by his work and by his family. So together they struggle through their pain and their chains. Anyway, I’m not a movie reviewer but I do appreciate a good movie where men are challenged in what it means to be a man. I don’t want to give up the ending, but this movie is so worth the watch. Someday I’ll take a group of men through this movie and we’ll dig in. A little warning, a lot of f-bombs, but overall a great great movie.


I finally went to Mars Hill Church

Today I made it to Mars Hill Church in Seattle. After several years of reading the books and listening to Mark Driscoll’s podcasts, I made it there. But wouldn’t you know Mark was taking the week off and wasn’t preaching, topped off with the fact that my trip to Mt. Rainier was in total cloud cover and I didn’t even see the mountain. All the more reason to come back next year and climb it! Anyway, even though Mark Driscoll wasn’t preaching it was still a pretty cool experience. The church is set up very cool, they take it a direction I’d like to go. It was wild to see the group of people there. All young people, an entire church of young people. Good stuff…


As I jump into this church plant process with both feet all I can think about is leaders. I NEED THEM!!! If you’ve ever done church ministry without leaders around you and then done ministry with leaders on board you know where my need comes from. I’m not going to provide principles of leadership or write a new book, I just know how important leaders are. Quality, passionate, creative, visionary, loving leaders. I need ’em, the more the merrier. If you know where I can find them, please let me know. I want a team church. How much more excitement is there when you are moving forward as part of a team of motivated people. Pushing each other farther, building on each other’s strengths. Doing things you never thought possible. It’s a ride. The more I look at my planning and strategy, the more I realize I want to have happen and the more I realize I can’t do this on my own. I need the folks who want to see the lost and hopeless find Jesus and aren’t afraid to do whatever it takes to see that happen.

Just coming home

Just got home at almost 2am this morning from FDIC in Indianapolis. You know I couldn’t even tell you what “FDIC” stands for, but it was a trade show/training for firemen, literally from all over the world. Was there doing “my other job,” trying to sell radios. It was long, tiring, and mostly boring, but I always find it interesting to get into the world of other folks a little bit. One of the things I love about firemen, is they are passionate about what they do. It really is more than a job for them. There’s purpose and meaning, and risk and tragedy and they get after it. Too few people get real passionate about what they do. They make work hard, and work well, but is there passion? To many folks are content to collect a paycheck and go home. God needs passion. We have to work to find it. We have to fight to keep it. So yeah, go thank a fireman. Ask them about what they do, you’ll see what I’m talking about.