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Let’s Talk about Ephesians

This past Sunday we started a new series on the book of Ephesians, “Ephesians-Pocket Guide to Christianity.” You can download the podcast here (don’t you love the shameless links!) I challenged all the folks at Ephesus to read through the entire book of Ephesians each week during this series. It’s only 6 chapters long, so not too much over the course of a week. I read it all yesterday in about 45 minutes and that was with me digging into commentaries and concordances the whole way through. To further encourage everyone to dive into Ephesians I wanted to start an ongoing conversation here about what God is revealing to people as they take the challenge and read through Ephesians. For now I want to leave it open ended and allow you to direct the conversation. I could do the whole pastor thing and offer my insights here and ask you to discuss, but 1) that’s no fun and 2) you’ll hear what I think on Sundays or online. Also, I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’ll be excited to see just a post or two. So right now the floor is open! What’s God speaking to you in Ephesians right now?


Another great meal

Today I was able to have breakfast with Jonathan Martin from Renovatus Church. What a good conversation. At least from my end, hopefully I didn’t talk too much which I certainly can struggle with. He’s been pastoring a church in the Plaza/Midwood section of Charlotte for a little while now and it was awesome to hear his perspective. Some of the things I’ve been thinking through were confirmed by what he shared, plus it was just cool to have a conversation with a guy pursuing God’s call in a fresh way. You know, I’m always a little intimidated to meet pastors, especially in my area. What if they’re better than me, cooler than me, more spiritual than me…insert immature question here. But what always ends up happening is I get encouraged and God opens my perspective a little wider and it’s good stuff. Thanks for taking the time Jonathan.

Elevation Church

Had lunch with Larry Brey from Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC today. Wow…that pretty well sums things up. Larry was great to spend time with me and share their lessons, vision and passion. God is certainly doing something phenomenal in that they launched early last year and this past weekend had nearly 2000 in attendance. Holy crap! Great eye-openers and some confirmation for some of what God has been doing in us. They’re a church that loves Jesus and wants other folks to know. I also really appreciated their willingness to resource and be available.


Had an awesome opportunity to spend some time in the Seattle area last week, namely Everett at New Life Foursquare. Dan Laurenzo and Jim Crosby hosted several of us and it gave us opportunity for awesome conversation. This whole trip was full of great conversations on many levels. I love talking church and ministry and hearing fresh thoughts and getting challenged. Take advantage of your peers and get into conversation on a regular basis. It’s huge.

Oh and Seattle is an unbelievable, beautiful city, beautiful mountains. Everything a great place needs!

Somewhere over the Western US

On the way to Seattle on the third plane of the day, because storms suck when you’re trying to fly. Had good conversation about church and what brings people to church and what causes churches to grow, plateau and decline. There’s so many factors and since I’m not working on a doctoral thesis I’m not going to do any research anytime soon. All opinion and anecdotal, but it seems worship style certainly is a big influencer to people’s opinion of church. Why is that? Church is about so many things, worship being only one, but it influences people in such a powerful way. Is it selfishness, immaturity, whining? Or is it legitimate that individuals’ taste in how they express their love for God must be recognized and acknowledged as integral to how they engage church? I’ve never really thought about it that way…hmmm. One thing I do know is I get excited talking and thinking about this stuff. Alright, we’re heading down so time to shut the computer down. My first blog entry from a plane…cool. Oh and going to see Rainier for the first time tomorrow, at least from the ground…good stuff.