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Lessons from a neo-Samaritan

I read this last night in National Geographic Adventure magazine, and it really struck me. Read the whole thing and search yourself and your willingness to be the unemployed coal miner who would give up his lunch. I messed my back up pretty good and have been on the couch most of the last two days. Today I was talking to a neighbor about it and how I was wanting to mow the grass but it was going to have to wait. We talked a while longer and I went inside to set up camp on the couch. A little later I heard a lawn mower and thought “who’s mowing their grass?” as most folks were at work. Then I saw my neighbor out my window and realized he was mowing my yard. That was cool. Then I had to ask myself would I have done the same thing? Are we really showing Jesus or are we just waiting on the sidelines for a booming sign from above? Time to be ready and open to just give and to just care for our fellow man.


The incredible things God has allowed me to be a part of

This list isn’t a “hey look at me” list, but a pondering on all the unbelievable things I’ve been blessed to be a part of. You probably know the last 9 months have been a crazy roller coaster ride of emotions for me. God is working, but it’s been hard for me to see sometimes. I’m alone a lot at work and that gets dangerous as I just sit and think and fume and get frustrated with where I am right now. And then God kicks me around a little bit and I get back to learning the lessons he has for me. So the other day he reminded me of all the incredible things that have happened in my life…

I’ve asked Jesus into my life
I’ve met and married the love of my life
I’ve been father to the most incredbile little man in the world and number two is on the way!
I’ve traveled the country…north to south and east to west
I’ve been to the top of mountains and the bottom of oceans
I’ve been to the edge of canyons
I’ve been to the bottom of valleys
I’ve had a bear in my car
I’ve played Playstation with the bass player of a platinum selling rock band
I’ve been to Disney World and Disneyland
I’ve been in the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico
I watched my son being born
I’ve been to London, I’ve been to Paris and I’ve been to Tijuana!
I’ve led someone to Jesus
I know how to snowboard
I’ve slept in the woods
I can drive stick
I’ve been humbled
I’ve made huge mistakes
I’ve been forgiven
I’ve spoken in front of a thousand people
I’ve been in the navy
I’ve camped out for football tickets
I’ve walked in the snow in shorts and sandals
I’ve led an incredible team
I’ve been led by incredbile leaders
I’ve watched young people stand up for what’s right
I’ve built a house
I’ve worn camo and run around in the woods
I know how to scuba dive
I’ve been rock climbing
I’ve seen a bear take a nap in the woods
I’ve swam with sharks
I’ve been to the highest peak on the West Coast and the East Coast
I remember where I was when the World Trade Center fell
I’ve been on TV
I’ve had the best job in the world
I’ve owned an iPod
I’ve driven to the beach at 3am to see the sunrise
I’ve been made to feel exceptionally appreciated
I’ve earned enough frequent flier miles to get a free ticket
I’ve auditioned for a movie
I’ve danced to a live band on a subway
I’ve been to as many National Parks as I can
I’ve taken a road trip with my dad
I know how to surf
I’ve smoked a Cuban cigar
I’ve played Xbox with a bunch of guys all night long
I saw a Wal-mart commercial being filmed in Picadilly Circus
I’ve seen the Mona Lisa
I’ve seen Los Angeles on a clear day
I’ve tried to grab the fin of a dolphin to catch a ride
I’ve seen the Pacific Ocean, the Hollywood sign, the Grand Canyon, the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River, the Atlantic Ocean and the White House all on the same day
I’ve received a check in the mail at exactly the right time
I’ve had incredible friends and incredible conversations
I’ve been to a drive in movie
I’ve done most of these things with the love of my life
I’ve been voted most likely to succeed, and while those who voted may not agree, they were the most prophetic words I’ve ever been give. I have succeeded. I have succeeded in every way that is important. I have succeeded in discovering God has the best plan for my life, and although I may not always see it, I know it to be true. I’ll be 30 in a few weeks and tonight my wife and I talked about our 6th wedding anniversary coming up and spoke of how unreal the next 6, 10, 50 are going to be. Man do we focus on the negative stuff, and forget to relish in the incredible stuff. God directed the Israelites to build an altar every time a miracle occurred so they would remember what He did for them. We need those altars in our lives to remember what He has done for us and allowed us to be a part of. Life is good.


Okay, I send out this message basically begging folks to read my blog and then I don’t blog! What crazy loser am I!! Well here’s my list of excuses…we are now in our new house. It seems as if it’s a forever process to get fully moved in but it’s been great. Kind of scary, a mortgage and all that, but cool. I actually enjoyed mowing the grass for the first time, sure that won’t last. Cool blessings cause we got the lawnmower for free and we got a vacuum for $4. Yeehaw. I’ve finally left Blue Bell. Good thing but still a little scary. I’m now in the even more glamorous industry of pavement cleaning. I drive a big truck that sprays water out the bottom. Hey it pays better and I don’t have to wake up at 3:30. Other than that it’s just been a lot of wondering about where God is taking us, but I’m through that season now. One of my last days in the Blue Bell truck I got over my frustrations (again) and began to ponder the unbelievable opportunities I’ve had in my life…so read on to my next blog.

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A new post is coming this week I promise!!