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A forced Sabbath

I knew it was coming but was living in denial. I wasn’t that tired or worn out, I’ve felt worse and pushed through and on and on. Then this weekend it hit me. Mono. How in the heck does a 31 year old guy who hasn’t kissed anyone but his wife in a LONG time (since before I met my wife in case anyone is keeping score!) get mono? I’m not saying God struck me down or anything like that, I think there is a little warfare happening behind the scenes (hey its biblical!) but I was going hard and not taking breaks and the coming months showed no sign of it stopping and BOOM I’m in bed for what is now the better part of a week and will probably last a few more days at least. A forced Sabbath. I haven’t been taking one I have to admit. I’ve tried hard but things come up and the calendar gets full and the bills have to be paid, etc etc. I can write this today, because the incredibly bad headache has finally gone away. I had no sense of humor about this thing at all until today, although I am still very tired, but better than very tired with a horrendous headache. It’s funny cause over the last few weeks Mark Driscoll’s blog (link to the right, i’m too tired to put a link in here) has been covering this very thing. The lead up to burnout and still I was in denial. It has been rough, will still be rough I imagine but I fear it has been necessary. So Satan’s plan to take me out gave me the rest I needed. Then today some new opportunities have come forth that will allow me to do more of what I love and am called to do (ministry) and have a more balanced schedule. Praise Him! Anyway, I could still use your prayers for healing and to keep this nonsense away from my family, but make sure you are taking the time off you need. God modeled it for a reason, not just to provide another rule. Now I think I’m going to take a nap…