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Platform and stained glass former Grace Zion church, Uptown Charlotte, NC


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Outside of former Grace Zion Church, Uptown Charlotte

From the northeast corner

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This is a very possible location for Ephesus Church to meet in Uptown. Phenomenal space, phenomenal location, with what is looking to be a phenomenal price!

Paul at Ephesus

Just reading in Acts 19 today as part of my devotional. This is where Paul is spending a large amount of time in the city and what happens because of his preaching. Here’s my journal thoughts on Acts 19. You’ll see these again!

v. 10 Paul spent 2 years in Ephesus and it says all of Asia heard the word of the Lord. This meant the area today known as Turkey, but I think it is significant that from with the city the word went out to the entire region surrounding Ephesus. ALL heard the word of the Lord, because influence and communication flowed out of the center of the city where Paul spent his time. What an example for Ephesus Church.

v.17-20 We see the continued impact on the city as many were healed and those practicing sorcery denounced their practice and destroyed their books. The word of the Lord continued to increase and “prevail mightily.” Ephesus was radically changed!

v. 23-27 Paul’s preaching and the impact of the truth of Jesus so impacted the city of Ephesus that the economy was affected. A large business was made crafting statues of Artemis, the goddess chiefly worshiped in Ephesus, as the truth of Jesus spread, it is implied that their business suffered, therefore the craftsmen banded together and rioted and denounced Paul. While I’m sure that was a scary time for the believers, what an impact on the city! It’s obvious amazing things were happening and the very culture of the city of Ephesus was being changed by the preaching of the word of God.

Possible site for church

A week and half ago I had very exciting meeting about a possible meeting site for Ephesus Church. It is actually a historic church building in Uptown. This past Friday the Charlotte Observer did an article about the church and the new owner that we are working with. We are meeting again this week and will be working to finalize everything very soon. This could be a very nice deal for us in terms of cost, location, and other intangibles like historical significance and the uniqueness of the building. God continues to move this thing forward…