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Just coming home

Just got home at almost 2am this morning from FDIC in Indianapolis. You know I couldn’t even tell you what “FDIC” stands for, but it was a trade show/training for firemen, literally from all over the world. Was there doing “my other job,” trying to sell radios. It was long, tiring, and mostly boring, but I always find it interesting to get into the world of other folks a little bit. One of the things I love about firemen, is they are passionate about what they do. It really is more than a job for them. There’s purpose and meaning, and risk and tragedy and they get after it. Too few people get real passionate about what they do. They make work hard, and work well, but is there passion? To many folks are content to collect a paycheck and go home. God needs passion. We have to work to find it. We have to fight to keep it. So yeah, go thank a fireman. Ask them about what they do, you’ll see what I’m talking about.