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Thanks Brian

Do any of you have those friends that are there for life? There really aren’t many of those running around. Our society moves and goes through so many life transitions that I think it is a rare thing that a friend stays really and truly close for the long haul. You may still talk and catch up, but a comradeship that may have been there during one season of your life perhaps is not quite the same as the years go by. Brian’s one of those that keeps on sticking on. He and I went to high school and college together and then went of into the world, both of us moving around different parts of the country, then, strangely we both randomly (seemingly) end up in the Charlotte area. Well anyway, Brian knows me well, has known me a long time and it’s good to have him around. I’m in this crazy new season of trying to plant a church, a somewhat megalomaniacal undertaking in itself, and I needed somewhere to go and talk struggles and frustrations and fears, and Brian was there. He doesn’t go to my current church, lives on the other side of the city, but he’s close enough to have been there for me this morning. Thanks Brian, and Go Gators!