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A Blog I had to comment on.

Commented at Out of Ur. This blog discusses a lot of things “postmodern.” I read the post/excerpt linked above and had to respond. My comment should be posted with the blog entry. You can check out the original entry here.

Here is my comment that was posted in response:

Once again we get a “my way or the highway” bash from the Emergent movement. You complain of a “one-size-fits-all” mentality among the modern church, yet you are calling for a similar move within the Emergent church. Strict, CEO-like leadership is not a good thing in the Church, but neither is a haphazard, let ’em feed where they like attitude. People are creative, and in today’s society, fluid. They take advantage of “time-shifting” and “content-shifting” in ways never seen before. But the bible still calls pastors and leaders to LEAD! Leadership must be open to creativity, fresh ideas and relevance certainly. But leadership that subsists on the whims of everyone will never succeed. This is not leadership. It’s some kum bi ya utopianism that ultimately cannot function. God recognized this when He gave Israel kings. He didn’t want them to need a king-leader, but they failed in what should have been a more positive theocratic structure, in the biblical sense, not the modern-day sense. “Sheep without a shepherd” a wise man once lamented…. Thanks for the dialogue and the interesting points, but in your attempt to be more open and forward-thinking, I’m afraid the Church will get lost in a mire of leaderless communities wandering which ever way seems nice at the time. Culture is changing, postmodernism’s hold on life is unmistakable, we must change to impact people where the are today, but the Bible must remain the supreme source of our guidance as we lead.