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The podcast…

There is now officially 3 files on our podcast feed. Crazy! It’s cool stuff. We’re recording via a M-Audio FireWire Solo Mobile Audio Interface straight from our soundboard to a MacBook. Right now we’re recording the audio into GarageBand, but are looking to use Cubase or ProTools very soon. We’re also using GarageBand to do post-production on the podcast. We also have a Mac Mini on order that will become our dedicated recording device. We opted to record our audio straight to digital and avoid the extra step of either cassette (who the heck can even play one of those anymore?) or CD recording. Being a mobile church this saves us the need to store media and we can keep everything online. The reality is, the audio interface and Mini are not much more expensive than a decent CD recorder, and we’re not having to purchase blank CD media on a regular basis. It’s a nice solution that has not required too much technical expertise. Adam Wilson, our worship leader, is also able to use the interface throughout the week for recording to enhance the worship and provide audio tracks for the worship team to use in their rehearsals. Of course, right now we don’t have a backup recording option, but we will get there eventually. It’s pretty cool seeing all the Macs running in the back for our visual displays and for our audio recording. It appeals to the hidden geek inside.

Our next goal is to get our vodcasting up and running. We are currently recording via video on our Sony HDR-HC7 HDV 1080i camcorder. It’s a high end consumer-grade HD camera. It does very well in good lighting conditions, but what we’re struggling with right now is the dated lighting in the 100 year old church we rent on Sunday evenings. We’re very limited in our lighting options right now and are hesitant to invest in any lighting solutions as the building owner is in the midst of major renovations. Anything we may acquire now could become unnecessary in only a few weeks. So for now we are dialing in the options with the camera in preparation of the lighting to make the vodcast viable.

Just a little info on what we’re doing at Ephesus. The audio podcast is currently available via the iTunes Music Store, and is hosted by Podbean for free while we set up our own dedicated server which we should have running in the next month or so. A little something we may give a shot at just for fun is actually setting up a video chat with a friend of mine from the back of the sanctuary so he can experience our service from California. I’m fairly confident the quality will be very low, but it will be a real-time, low-cost opportunity to provide online interactivity with what we’re doing at Ephesus. It’s just the test bed for where we would like to see ourselves get as a global community.

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Sneak Peek

Here’s a sneak peek at my outline for this Sunday. If you’re crazy you’ll cheat and get the fill ins before they come up on the screen and then impress all your friends!

Why Church Planting?                                                  Ben Eige 10 October 2007

Ephesus Church


q  Why plant more churches?

Matthew 28.19-20


o   Right now there are approximately 180 million Americans who do not have a relationship with Jesus


o   There is a lower percentage of Americans in church today than 15 years ago


o   80% of new followers of Jesus begin their relationship in a church less than 2 years old



q  Why the city? Why Uptown Charlotte?

1.    The city/Charlotte is strategic for God’s plan


2.    Christians should live in the city/Charlotte

q  Matthew 5.14

You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden.


3.    The city/Charlotte is ripe for the harvest

Matthew 9.37-38


4.    It’s about Jesus



A vision for Uptown Charlotte

Acts 17.22-23


What does this mean to you?

q  3 Ways to be a part of Ephesus Church


1. Pray


2. Give


3. Go

      Nehemiah 11.1-2



Uptown Charlotte

Easter 2008

Here’s my goals for the year

Successful Church Plants

There are ten common factors that successful church plants share, according to the results of a study released by the Center for Missional Research, a division of the North American Mission Board. The following factors proved to be the best predictors for higher worship attendance, as reported by

Location. Church plants that start in school facilities show a distinct advantage in term of visibility, parking and low costs. In the longer term, churches that meet in movie theaters also exhibit higher attendance.

Reaching children. Special children’s events along with outreaches around holidays, and at other times, attract crowds and help churches sustain attendance.

Promotion of the church. Church plants with high attendance mail invitations for services, programs and events and to keep community awareness high.

Training new members. Successful church plants provide training and clearly communicate that the new members participate and find a place to serve.

Mandatory church covenant for new members. New members are required to sign a church covenant as a sign that they take their commitment to the church seriously.

Intentional financial stewardship. The pastors receive financial compensation as well as health insurance, allowing them time to focus on the church’s growth and not their own basic needs.

The staff factor. The most successful church plants do not start out under-staffed and their planters are full-time. They have also assessed staff for their suitability and have multiple staff members from the start.

Not just focusing on their own needs. Successful church plants start at least one church within three years of their own plant and those who are sent out to start a new church are replaced and even more are added.

Building leadership. Church plants with higher attendance conduct leadership training, build their leadership base and delegate leadership roles to church members on an ongoing basis.

The achievement factor. Church planters have a vision of what God wants to do and remain focused on accomplishing that.

That sure sums it up. Now I’ve got a year to get to it…come along for the ride!