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Matt Chandler brings a smackdown…in a nice way

I don’t often just post a link to other blogs/articles etc. but this one is too good to pass on. Matt Chandler pastors a large church in Dallas that has seen phenomenal growth while being focused on content as opposed to flash. I was convicted reading this article in ways I didn’t realize were inside me. What’s your true motivation? Why do you pursue what you pursue? Are the motives what they should be? Matt Chandler challenges us in this post.

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Questions on theology

You know over the last few months since Ephesus has started to get some traction, I’ve had more questions on theology and what we REALLY believe than in my previous 10 years of ministry combined. It’s funny, because personally I have studied more theology in the last year than I have in any other year of my time in ministry. I’ve been challenged to fully flesh out what I believe and wrestle with issues that for too long the US church has just kind of ignored. I’m certainly not alone in this. Across the US church, leaders and pastors and church goers are wrestling with theology. It unfortunately has led to some schisms, but overall I see it as a huge benefit to our personal relationships with Jesus. We live in a very pluralistic culture spiritually, and that makes it much more crucial that we are absolutely solid in what we know, what we believe, and why we believe it. Paul challenges us in Ephesians 4 to know what we believe and not be swayed. He was speaking to a very spiritually pluralistic culture when he gave this challenge so it very much speaks to us today. So I say, “Ask the questions!” It’s great that people have the questions and don’t just allow themselves to either take things at face value or be swayed by the cunning of man. As for me, I’m pretty conservative when it comes to my theology and interpretation of Scripture. I believe I have no choice, but I’m sure on the constant journey of learning and knowing Scripture and the underlying theology better. With that, I’m going to go work through my daily Life Journal now, cause that’s where it starts!

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The low’s and highs

Church planting is exciting, scary, fun, challenging, encouraging and difficult all at the same time. You try hard not get so caught on the crest that you crash or so stuck in the trough you’re pummeled by the next wave instead of paddling in and catching it (you like the surfing reference there?!). This past week was all of the above. I had to walk through some very difficult challenges and have some very hard conversations. Afterward, when I thought I should have felt relieved, I instead felt burdened. People were involved, not just me. I suppose the pastor’s heart gets involved in the messy stuff whether we like it or not. So I was challenged, burdened and ┬áhaving very difficult conversations and feeling myself slipping into the trough/impact zone. Then I got a message about how Ephesus had impacted someone in a way they hadn’t experienced in many years. WHOOSH heading back into the wave and riding the line again! God is good. He is doing amazing things at Ephesus. Not in your face, laserlight show kinds of things. But the work that Eugene Peterson paraphrases in the Message in Ephesians 3.20. “His Spirit moving deeply and gently within us.” He is moving deeply within Ephesus Church, building solid roots for what He wants to accomplish. Riding the wave is a rush!

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