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Moving Forward

We had our first info meeting last week. This was the first opportunity for people to begin getting plugged in to Ephesus. We had 58 at the meeting! Very cool. There was probably close to 20 or so more who had other commitments but are interested at what is going on. We’re moving forward. The web site is in place. Right now it’s just a real basic site right now, we are moving forward on a more permanent, customized site. I’m also working on getting some more media content up. I’ve run into some technical difficulties with the first video devo, but that’s why we’re working out the details now! Anyway, it’s exciting stuff to see the momentum that is beginning to roll. The challenge is keeping it going. We’re now moving into admin mode to get the communication channels going as we move forward. Getting quality infrastructure together is tough at the start when the team is still forming. I realize that right now with no physical presence our “front door” is going to be our media and web site. I’m wanting everything to be top notch from the start, but that is certainly a challenge as resources are slim. It’s funny though, even as I write this I’m realizing God is going to make this thing happen. I know that, but it’s different from owning that truth. We need to do our best to do things with excellence and those who know me know I’m always striving for the best we can achieve, BUT God is at the center. How cliche that often seems, but when you sense the truth of that statement it’s truly encouraging. Anyway, wanted to get some thoughts up, it’s late, but I haven’t blogged in a while.


Rough Draft of the Ephesus Church promo video

Here’s the rough draft of our church plant promo video. It’s been compressed so a little grainy, but it’s still smokin.

Thanks to Jason for the hard work getting it together in the middle of moving and preparing for a wedding. I still think you should move to NC. And thanks to Doug for letting me rip off the idea!

This new church in Charlotte is moving forward. We’re needing prayer for the right team to continue to come together and for the right place to meet to become available for a very cheap price. So keep praying and send the comments! Once the full version is ready you’ll hear it here first.

Pumped and feeling crazy!

Good day today. Met with Pastor Farrell today. I really appreciate our times together as I see such a great, humble leader who loves Jesus. He’s really supportive of our church plant as we move forward and agreed to let me present our vision video and preach on Sunday morning in the coming months. I also am making some connections for facility, getting the team together and generally excited about what God is doing. Right now I’m at Dilworth Coffee pretending to be cool and solve the problems of the world. Thanks Grace for the latte!


Team building

It’s been an exciting week or so as we talk to people and the church plant team is beginning to gel. I’ve got the stuff for our vision video of to Quiz for editing, thanks for the help! Coast to coast collaboration! Groove, IM, and cell phones rock. I know I need to get a web cam to complete the deal, and i’m sure an iPhone is needed to truly collaborate well…anyway it’s exciting. I can sense God putting his plan together. I really have been praying hard the last couple of weeks for that and God is coming through. Crazy! Mark Driscoll did it again preaching on Nehemiah 11. It’s all about the need to reach the city and how the people of Israel intentionally moved back into Jerusalem to further God’s plan. I listened to it yesterday on my Treo while driving around. Such an encouragement and confirmation to what God is calling us to. Casey was talking with someone in our church yesterday and they told her that a lot of people were planning on going with us until we said we were going to Uptown Charlotte. Ouch…I certainly understand, it would be quite a trek for most folks to drive down there, but it’s tough because we realize those are core people that we won’t have. But it’s God right! Kind of rambling this morning, but I wanted to get something up here and praise God for the direction things are going right. Yeehaw!

Reading through Romans right now too, good, good theology. Of course a lot of talk on “election” and such, raises interesting theological points…is Calvin’s Reformed view pretty solid biblically? Or should we stay safe and happy arminians? Am I really a safe, happy arminiast anyway? And if Arminiasts don’t agree with election in the Reformed sense, and also the concept of apostasy, can we ever really be safe, happy Arminiasts? Whoa this is getting deep…and I didn’t even go to seminary…

Somewhere over the Western US

On the way to Seattle on the third plane of the day, because storms suck when you’re trying to fly. Had good conversation about church and what brings people to church and what causes churches to grow, plateau and decline. There’s so many factors and since I’m not working on a doctoral thesis I’m not going to do any research anytime soon. All opinion and anecdotal, but it seems worship style certainly is a big influencer to people’s opinion of church. Why is that? Church is about so many things, worship being only one, but it influences people in such a powerful way. Is it selfishness, immaturity, whining? Or is it legitimate that individuals’ taste in how they express their love for God must be recognized and acknowledged as integral to how they engage church? I’ve never really thought about it that way…hmmm. One thing I do know is I get excited talking and thinking about this stuff. Alright, we’re heading down so time to shut the computer down. My first blog entry from a plane…cool. Oh and going to see Rainier for the first time tomorrow, at least from the ground…good stuff.