Monthly Archives: July 2007

Pumped and feeling crazy!

Good day today. Met with Pastor Farrell today. I really appreciate our times together as I see such a great, humble leader who loves Jesus. He’s really supportive of our church plant as we move forward and agreed to let me present our vision video and preach on Sunday morning in the coming months. I also am making some connections for facility, getting the team together and generally excited about what God is doing. Right now I’m at Dilworth Coffee pretending to be cool and solve the problems of the world. Thanks Grace for the latte!



Team building

It’s been an exciting week or so as we talk to people and the church plant team is beginning to gel. I’ve got the stuff for our vision video of to Quiz for editing, thanks for the help! Coast to coast collaboration! Groove, IM, and cell phones rock. I know I need to get a web cam to complete the deal, and i’m sure an iPhone is needed to truly collaborate well…anyway it’s exciting. I can sense God putting his plan together. I really have been praying hard the last couple of weeks for that and God is coming through. Crazy! Mark Driscoll did it again preaching on Nehemiah 11. It’s all about the need to reach the city and how the people of Israel intentionally moved back into Jerusalem to further God’s plan. I listened to it yesterday on my Treo while driving around. Such an encouragement and confirmation to what God is calling us to. Casey was talking with someone in our church yesterday and they told her that a lot of people were planning on going with us until we said we were going to Uptown Charlotte. Ouch…I certainly understand, it would be quite a trek for most folks to drive down there, but it’s tough because we realize those are core people that we won’t have. But it’s God right! Kind of rambling this morning, but I wanted to get something up here and praise God for the direction things are going right. Yeehaw!

Reading through Romans right now too, good, good theology. Of course a lot of talk on “election” and such, raises interesting theological points…is Calvin’s Reformed view pretty solid biblically? Or should we stay safe and happy arminians? Am I really a safe, happy arminiast anyway? And if Arminiasts don’t agree with election in the Reformed sense, and also the concept of apostasy, can we ever really be safe, happy Arminiasts? Whoa this is getting deep…and I didn’t even go to seminary…

Old school techno with a message

I was listening to a favorite of mine today, Raving Lunatics, fronted by Scott Blackwell and unfortunately gone to obscurity I think after one album. But this album is on iTunes and I hadn’t heard it in a while (thanks Mike B. for the intro it several years back), so I got it a few weeks ago and was listening this morning. As a Foursquare guy it’s the greatest because it drops smooth grooves over the top of preaching from Scott Bauer and Aimee Semple McPherson so I feel holier just listening to it…. Anyway, track 3 is a song called Bound and it is Scott Bauer preaching on Lazarus coming out of the grave. What we don’t often realize is Lazarus would have been nasty when he came out. Wrapped in linen strips that have been absorbing the stink of his death for 3 days, bodily fluids that would have been released…you get the idea. But it was still Jesus working a miracle. Lazarus was alive again, new birth, but there was still some stink around. Jesus’ miracle wasn’t surrounded by clean, sterile faith in a nice package. Jesus’ miracle was earth-shattering and enormous but it was done in a messy place with a messy guy who had been dead for 3 days. Why do we expect everyone to come to the cross clean and looking clean shaven? Can Jesus not do a miracle in messy people with filth still clinging to them? Should Mary and Martha told Lazarus to go back into the tomb until he could get himself cleaned up? Powerful stuff, I haven’t responded to a sermon like that in a long time. Am I truly ready to accept the messy people Jesus is doing miracles in? I’ve got to search my heart…now where’s my glow stick and lollipop I’ve got some more techno to listen to!


Trying not to covet

I’m writing this entry from Brittani Roberts’ sweet MacBook Pro and trying so hard not to covet. What is it about mac’s? Someday I will have my own…here’s my latest thought…I was reading George Barna’s book Revolution this morning and he says that the two fastest growing types of Christian gatherings is home churces and cyberchurches. I’ve known about the internet campus for a little while now. out of Oklahoma has had one for a little while as well as Seacoast Church in South Carolina. A very cool concept that a few years ago seemed “weird” but is becoming a much more accepted and exciting venue for bringing people to learn and grow and worship. So as I’ve been spending time over the last few days really seeking God about our new church here in Charlotte, and this seems like it might be a direction for us to go.

What if we started an internet campus right from the start? Is that crazy? Maybe so, but it is certainly emerging as a very viable church venue. A place for people to gather and grow and ultimately be released to serve Jesus. This would take a lot of resources right from the beginning. Our services would have to be recorded to high quality video and then transferred to a very nice internet “lobby” that is beyond the do-it-yourself home website. Hmmm…Thoughts?? Is this crazy?? I’d love to hear what you think.

Me and Riley

Yesterday Riley and I went to see Ratatouille, the new Pixar movie. I’m a huge fan of movies and especially Pixar, but this one wasn’t overly a kids’ movie. It was good, but Brad Bird writes to a little more adult audience and uses animation to create his vision. Anyway, all that being said Riley wasn’t too in to it, he got a little sleepy and so he climbed over the armrest and into my lap for the last 45 minutes of the movie. That was incredible. I just sat there and thought about how blessed I am to have a little guy who wants to be in my lap and hang out with Dad. What a challenge to me. I can be such a workaholic and so focused on all the little things and big things I need to do, and I am sadly guilty of brushing Riley off sometimes. I want so badly to be a great dad, and I think I’m doing okay, but I can become complacent too fast. I have always been challenged by the Old Testament kings, Solomon, Hezekiah, Josiah, Jehoshaphat, men who led God’s people, followed after God and then had sons who “did evil in the sight of the Lord.” These great men of God who had screwed up kids. I’m determined to not let that be me. I want to see Riley and Ridge become amazing men of God, doing bigger things for the Kingdom than I could ever imagine. What a challenge to me. What a humbling experience to have Riley climb into my lap to watch a rat who likes to cook…