Monthly Archives: December 2005

Church as town

Here’s something I started a few weeks back. Actually forgot about it, but had it saved. Good thing, cause I really like the idea of it and now it’s out there for me to remember. It’s one of those long term vision things. Basically it’s the idea that church should be like a town. Provide what a town provides only with a much more eternal purpose. I originally began to think on this when I was living in SoCal. My wife and I were driving through the Valley and saw this huge park and people doing all kinds of things, picnics, rollerblading, sports and I thought why can’t a church provide those things. Then a few weeks ago I was thinking about it again and thought why can’t a church be not only the local park, but the local town. Maybe not police and fire, but all the other aspects of living in a community. I bulleted a few of the ideas below. Now all I need is to get the King of Town and the PoopSmith in on this…

provides basic services
provides direction
works of limited source of funds
some flourish and grow, others wither and die
-social programs
-sports programs
-convention center
-get as involved as you desire
-some never leave, others leave and come back, others move away
-provides healing
-sense of identity
-community involvement