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The Challenge…

Writing consistently on the blog is a challenge. Plain and simple. If you’ve ever started one you know what I’m talking about. Consistently creating engaging content is the challenge of everything these days. Everyone can produce content and immediately blast it out to the web for literally hundreds of millions (if not billions) potential consumers to ingest and feed on. But the reality is only the smallest of fractions of content gains any kind of foothold in our world, and other things take our attention and focus and we slack on creating new content for our “oh so well-intentioned” blog. So there’s my excuse. But really I’ve come to realize that my content-creation focus these days has been completely hijacked by sermon prep. And this is how it should be. Right now my focus is there, and has to become more there. I’m not saying this blog will disappear, far from it. Who knows, maybe next will begin a new flurry of blogging the likes of which we’ve never seen! But for now, priority is on sermon prep. Tyler Jones at Vintage 21 graciously spent nearly two hours with me last week giving advice and encouragement. I felt mentored in a way during our time together.  And he challenged me to focus on sermon prep during this time of our church and to build systems, leadership and staff so that I can always focus on sermon prep. Amazing, yet simple advice, that I am trying to heed. So my content creation will be focused there for now. You can check out some of what that looks like at the Ephesus Podcasts…

Beyond that, baby number 3 in the Eige house is very close to coming to see us. She wants very badly to join world even though it’s a bit too early for that. Casey is being a real trooper as Reese tries to get herself out here. And we’re trying to sell our house (we hate being bored at our house) and get down into Charlotte. What a great summer!

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Okay that’s spread out over a long period, but hey 700 views is 700 views! Some day I’ll look back and reminisce about the good old days of 700 views…

Getting on Technorati

Everyone else is doing it…
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Terry Storch

Okay, for the 2.5 people who read this blog go to Terry Storch’s blog and read it on a regular basis. He’s the Digerati guru at LifeChurch. Holy cow, he and the team there are right out on the edge of ministry and where we should all be heading. Completely strategizing how to leverage everything technology has to offer to show people Jesus. Then at the same time, he doesn’t live in this tech-induced smugness. His blog also covers the realities of life and the joys and stress of ministry. Thanks Terry for impacting me, and we’ve never even met (although we did talk on the phone once.)