Easter at Summit

I’m very excited about the upcoming weekend to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus and how we’re going to celebrate at Summit Church. Easter weekend encompasses an amazing amount of emotion and meaning. There is Maundy Thursday, the celebration of Jesus washing the feet of His disciples, showing them that to be great, one must serve. Then what is known as Good Friday, the remembrance of Jesus’ torturous death on the cross, in which he paid the price, the penalty for mankind’s sin and mistakes, giving His life so that we do not have to die spiritually. Then the unbelievable celebration on Easter morning, because Jesus rose from the dead, alive and in victory over death, taking our sin, then defeating the effects of sin and Satan’s goals of destruction in our life. Wow! For fun we’re also throwing in an Easter egg hunt on Saturday! The biblical significance? None really, but sometimes it’s good to come together as a family and just have fun, and we’re inviting our neighbors from all over Longmont to the Boulder County Fairgrounds to have fun with us.

Summit’s observance of the Easter weekend begins Friday night at 7pm with a video presentation of Jesus’ crucifixion. This will be a time of observance and reflection of the gravity of Jesus’ sacrifice. We are asking that you enter the church quietly, preparing your hearts’ for the presentation. We will conclude with a self-directed time of communion. There will also be childcare for ages birth-9, and we are asking for parents to utilize this as the material is somewhat graphic.


We’ll then shift our focus to celebration on Saturday morning at 11am for our Easter Egg Hunt at the fairgrounds! There will be hot dogs, cotton candy, a bounce house and of course egg hunts for various ages with some special prizes. We’ll be at the picnic pavilion at the corner of Hover and Nelson, we hope to see you there!


We finish the weekend celebrating Jesus’ resurrection from the tomb fully alive as Christ and Messiah, saving us from our own sin and eternal death. We’ve all messed up, when we’re honest with ourselves we know this to be true, and as hard as we may try, we just cannot save ourselves. Because Jesus paid the price for our sin on the cross and rose from the dead defeating death we don’t have to save ourselves. Please join us as we celebrate all that Jesus has done for us on Easter morning, March 31 at 10am!


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One thought on “Easter at Summit

  1. Doris Eige says:

    Sounds great, Benjamin! Would love to be there…looking forward to our trip! Blessings on the weekend. Love you all

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