More theology from the boys

So if you know me you know that I love theology and believe a deep biblical theology is essential to living out the mission Jesus has called us to in the current pluralistic culture we are in. So last night was awesome in a funny sort of way. Our boys, Riley and Ridge are 6 and 4 and full-bore high energy and are sometimes difficult to corral when it’s time to get things done, like put on pajamas and get into bed. Last night I was getting Reese ready for bed downstairs and told the boys to brush their teeth and get pajamas on (which they are both capable of doing by themselves). The noise coming from upstairs made it quite obvious they were not doing what I had asked. Needless to say it did not turn pretty when I came upstairs and they were playing with toys and generally finding ways to not do what I asked. Finally with pajamas on and things settled I was sitting on their bed talking with them as I try and do when I’m home in the evenings. I asked them “Why didn’t ya’ll obey me instead of me having to ask 5 times for you to brush your teeth and put on pajamas.” Without a beat Riley said, “because we’re sinners.” I couldn’t help but laugh. What kind of comeback do I have for that one?! Then it got even better, Riley proceeded to tell me that, “Adam and Eve disobeyed God in the Garden of Eden and that’s when sin came into the world, and now we’re all sinners, but that wasn’t the way God wanted it to be.” My 6 year old explained Original Sin just like that! So of course wanting to get Jesus’ redemption on the cross into the conversation I asked “But what did God do after that?” Ridge, my 4 year old chimed in, “He made them leave the Garden and put an angel with a sword there!” He really likes the idea of an angel with a sword, and although I don’t like the circumstances, an angel with a sword is pretty cool. I laughed and we talked about Jesus dying for our sin as we have many times before, and then I asked them where they learned this? “In City Kids this morning” was the answer. City Kids is our children’s ministry at Ephesus. Yeah! Jonah and the whale is cool and all, but our kids are getting to the good stuff, and they understand it, and they know too that God loves them enough that even though they’re sinners, Jesus died for them and rose again so they can be forgiven. That’s awesome. And thanks to Seth Ervin who was teaching at City Kids yesterday and taught my boys some theology, even if they did use it as a comeback when they wouldn’t get their pajamas on…


One thought on “More theology from the boys

  1. doris eige says:

    Great job, Benjamin!
    I love this every time I read it.

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