Ridge took a big step today…

Ridge is our 4 year old as most of you know. While Riley has been the thinker, Ridge has been the doer. He lives life 100MPH crashes for a nap or for the night then jumps up ready to go. A while back he and Riley would pray for meals and alternate praying at bedtime, but then Ridge decided he didn’t want to pray anymore so he wouldn’t. It was tough not to “make” him pray too, but we let him be. In the meantime, Riley began to care about Ridge not praying and really wanted Ridge to ask Jesus into his heart. He’s a good big brother. So we told Riley to begin to pray for Ridge to want to ask Jesus into his heart and not to push Ridge. Tonight, at dinner, we finally were able to have a family dinner in the hecticness of the last few weeks, and I said “It’s time to pray.” Ridge then said, “I want to pray.” Wow, hadn’t heard him say that in a long time. He prayed a simple prayer, “Thank you Jesus for this day and bless this food, amen.” It was very special. Then, tonight at bedtime, again he wanted to pray. I thought it’s time to take this further so I asked him if he wanted to ask Jesus into his heart and he said “Yes!” Riley helped him better understand what Jesus did on the cross, and I asked him what happened after he died and he said, “There was blood on him.” “Yes” I replied, he’s all boy, “then what happened.” “Men put him in a tomb,” Ridge said. “They did, do you know happened after they put him in the tomb?” I asked. “He came alive!” Then we prayed together for Jesus to come into his heart with Riley and Casey.

Ephesus Church is a blessing to my life, but being the pastor to my family far exceeds it. This last month has been hard on all of us, and I’ve prayed that I won’t lose the boys in the midst of this. Today, I got to spend the whole afternoon with Riley exploring Uptown Charlotte again. Then tonight, Ridge decides he’s ready to pray to Jesus. I got to be Pastor Daddy, which is a way higher priority than Pastor Ben. Not only did I get to pray with Ridge tonight, but I know Riley has been praying for Ridge for months. That’s a good day.


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