Get to Reading

I’m a voracious reader beyond the bible: fiction, non-fiction, Christian, non-Christian all kinds of stuff. To continually be growing, I believe reading is essential. A few years ago I discovered a great way to read books, listening. Audiobooks aren’t new, but I remember 8 or 10 cassette tapes (yeah I’m old enough for those) for one book, a pain. But now many books are available in audio download. I can’t stand listening to the radio in the car and I feel like listening to music in the car all of the time is a waste because I’m not learning anything new. Audiobooks are a great way to pass the time when driving or excercising or whatever else you might be doing that can be somewhat mindless. I’ve been using for my audiobooks. They have a great selection of all kinds of books, but very little when it comes to quality Christian stuff, and I’m not talking about Janette Oke…the good stuff that digs into issues and theology and cultural changes. Today I discovered Great selection, the books I couldn’t find on Audible are there. Even better, each month they offer an audiobook for free, and not the cruddy stuff you’ll never bother with, good stuff. This month “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan. That’s a winner! I used this for some of my research material when we went through the “Supernatural” series on the Holy Spirit. It is solid and engaging. So follow the link, download a free book and get to reading!

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