Some more thoughts on being missional

I’ve become a part of an online community at It’s mostly tech and worship leaders but opens up a lot of great discussions, you should check it out. I just posted this question below on their forum, any thoughts would be very cool…

Heading into a strategic/creative planning meeting tomorrow so I’m pondering this an awful lot. Now I know every city and community is different, but I’m just curious what are people finding to be the so-called “keys” to their community and/or city? What ways have you discovered to be missional to where God has put your church? We’re in a vibrant, urban center so the typical children’s ministry and catchy mailer/sermon series isn’t enough. We’re working on drilling down to where this young, mostly single, affluent crowd God has surrounded us with is going to discover Jesus in a way that fits the context of their seeming affluence and non-perceived need for Jesus. Good times! Not looking for ideas that will necessarily fit our context, I’d just like to see what God is revealing to folks in other places and how you discovered it. Thanks!

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