Promoting our new church

This past Sunday we had our Christmas service. We’re a church plant that rents our facility on Sundays. With that we decided to do a special evening Christmas service in addition to our morning service and in lieu of a Christmas Eve service. I created a Facebook ad to promote the event. Over the course of 2 weeks we had nearly 85,000 “views” as recorded by Facebook. I limited it to only being seen locally (Charlotte, NC). Of that we had 27 clicks of the ad. From that, I did not meet anyone Sunday night who came because of the ad. We did have new folks at the service but all that I met had been invited by either someone in the church, family or others who know our church. So I’m not sure of the success of the ad. The positive in that is that we only pay per click so the total cost to us was less than $10. We’ve intentionally decided to be very low-key and grassroots with promoting and advertising our new church. Our 2 key methods of attracting new folks have been personal invitations from attenders and very basic 18″x24″ corrugated yard signs. It’s very low cost, and also very important, sustainable. We’re not relying on big events with high production value that we can’t maintain week after week. We do what we do with an eye to excellence and high value placed on quality content in music and preaching. That has been attractive in retaining most of our first time visitors. All that to say, it may be a while before we try Facebook ads again.

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