Fight for it!

Over the last month, as Ephesus starts to get some legs, I keep getting faced with the need to fight for the vision you have. It’s a story throughout the bible, Nehemiah, Paul, David, Joshua all had to fight for what they knew they were called to. Now Ephesus is going well, I’m happy with the foundation that is being laid, but there’s still days when it’s tough, and I’m reminded that I have to fight. Just because God birthed it, doesn’t mean it comes with no effort or struggle. I’m watching the Rookie right now about Jimmy Morris’ trip to the Majors as a supposed wash-up. Recently I was enthralled by a documentary of John Lassetter’s struggles to get Pixar off the ground. He had a vision, it was HARD, but he fought for the vision. We live in a culture of disposability and convenience. The true success stories are not the lottery winners, it’s the one’s who persevered and fought for what they believed in. Nehemiah and the people of Jerusalem had to wear swords as they rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem, they were committed to the mission, but also ready for anything! Our challenge is to continually fight for what God has called us to.

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