Let’s Talk about Ephesians

This past Sunday we started a new series on the book of Ephesians, “Ephesians-Pocket Guide to Christianity.” You can download the podcast here (don’t you love the shameless links!) I challenged all the folks at Ephesus to read through the entire book of Ephesians each week during this series. It’s only 6 chapters long, so not too much over the course of a week. I read it all yesterday in about 45 minutes and that was with me digging into commentaries and concordances the whole way through. To further encourage everyone to dive into Ephesians I wanted to start an ongoing conversation here about what God is revealing to people as they take the challenge and read through Ephesians. For now I want to leave it open ended and allow you to direct the conversation. I could do the whole pastor thing and offer my insights here and ask you to discuss, but 1) that’s no fun and 2) you’ll hear what I think on Sundays or online. Also, I’ve never done anything like this before, so I’ll be excited to see just a post or two. So right now the floor is open! What’s God speaking to you in Ephesians right now?


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