Preaching on Easter

You know, much is put into Easter at churches around the world every year. I’ve been a part of Easter planning and prep many, many times, but you know I’ve never preached on Easter Sunday. The weight of the responsibility is certainly telling on me this evening. People need to know Jesus loves them, that He willingly died for them, and that he rose again. It really is that simple isn’t it? Why do we struggle with the simplicity of it? Why do we question and doubt, him and ourselves? Why do I doubt my ability to proclaim his love and resurrection tomorrow? It isn’t about what I say, it’s about Him and what I’m merely a messenger for. He already took care of it. The battle’s done. “O death where is your sting?” Well, tomorrow, I’m preaching my first Easter message, the first Easter message at Ephesus. I’m going to sit back and watch God do His thing and get out of the way. As my good friend Mike J. likes to say “Give ’em Heaven…”


One thought on “Preaching on Easter

  1. Lee says:

    go get ’em tiger.

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