Countdown to Ephesus

Hello All!

We are getting very close to going public with Ephesus! Our first public event, stART (an art and music gathering) is happening next week February 24th from 7-10pm! Below you will see the flyer for the event. I want to encourage everyone to invite everyone they know who may have an interest in a new church in Uptown Charlotte to stART. We will have three live music artists and several local paint and photographic artists displaying work. Also, it’s an opportunity to see the phenomenal space we have been blessed with as our current home for Ephesus Church. Following stART on Feb. 24th, we will have our first service on March 2nd at 6pm. Our first 3 services/weeks are being referred to as “mock services.” The purpose of these mock services is to give us an opportunity to work through all the kinks of making Ephesus happen on a weekly basis, from connections to children and worship to video. These mock services are, however, open to everyone who would like to come, in fact the more folks we have at these services, the better we can prepare. Very soon we will have flyers inviting people to Ephesus. We are taking a very grassroots approach to promoting the church and we will need all of you to help us. When the flyers become available I will let you know, but in the meantime you can begin talking up Ephesus to anyone you know who you think may be interested, and you can invite them to stART! Then on Easter Sunday, March 23rd, Ephesus will officially launch!! For Casey and I this has been a nearly 4 year journey, and it’s wild that it is now coming to fruition! It would not be possible without the support, encouragement, resources and prayer that so many of you are providing. Thank you.

This Sunday, the launch team will be at our facility in Uptown at 219 S. Brevard St beginning at 4pm until about 8pm. We are working on our setup for sound, hospitality, and children’s areas. We’d love to have anyone who is interested stop by and help or just check things out. Adam, our worship leader, has also arranged for our full worship band to be there on Sunday for a true sound check. This past Sunday we set our sound system up for the first time and Adam played guitar and sang and it sounded phenomenal. I can’t wait to hear the full band!

I also want to encourage you to check out the web site ( where I have posted the latest video inviting folks to Ephesus. The video can also be found on Youtube at Ephesuschurchtv and of course at our Facebook page. We are also currently building a full custom web site for Ephesus Church. I want to thank the guys at Brown Cow Design for all the work they are putting into that!

I want to close with this excerpt from an email I received earlier this week. This is what it’s all about…

Just wanted to let you know a couple of encouraging things:

*I emailed a friend/co-worker a couple of weeks ago some info about the church. She currently goes to (another church)…Works in the Wachovia branch at….. She also owns a condo in one of the new complexes uptown…

Anyway…she called me friday night at work..(I was working late)  and said…..” I’ve been meaning to call you, I’m so excited about the church you told me about!” She checked out the website and already has about 6 others waiting to come with her as soon as it starts! She said she still loves (her church)….but the idea of having church so close and on a Sunday evening is awesome for her…and her friends!

Help us continue to get the word out!

Ben Eige

Ephesus Church-Uptown Charlotte


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