Reformed theology, Acts 29 and God’s unmerited favor

Okay so the title really has a lot to do with getting attention, but hey that’s the way it goes! Actually this past week, Casey and Adam and I were at the Acts 29 bootcamp in Raleigh and of course their reformed theology was very much present, but I’ve talked about that before. Whatever assumptions may be made about Mark Driscoll and Acts 29, the reality is they love Jesus and are incredibly successful at planting churches. It was good solid stuff that so many young pastors, folks in bible college and church planters, just aren’t hearing. It’s going to be tough, we have a very specific mission, we need to preach, stay focused on Jesus and be the man God has called us to be and stop screwing around, literally and figuratively. I think two of my favorite quotes came from Mark Driscoll…1) Church planters should keep their hands off the money and the secretary 2) pastors wives should delegate out a lot of stuff but don’t delegate having sex with the pastor. Putting it bluntly the way only he can. It was definitely a building experience. Seeing what Vintage21 is doing was very cool a hint of what God is speaking to us for sure. They’re discovering a way to plant churches today that is working. People are coming to Jesus and are becoming disciples. I’ll blog a couple of shots…

God’s unmerited favor. A great pastor friend of mine described what God was doing at his church and in his city with that phrase. I thought how powerful. We’re moving towards our launch on Easter of 08 and God keeps just kind “making” things come together. People are excited, the vision is getting affirmed and we have unbelievable levels of support and we haven’t even really “pitched” the thing yet. God’s unmerited favor. Right now I’m working on a sermon I’ll presenting at the 3 services at Grace Covenant and on a place for us to meet starting in March. Big, big pieces of the puzzle, but so far it’s been God’s unmerited favor.


2 thoughts on “Reformed theology, Acts 29 and God’s unmerited favor

  1. anne robare says:

    God’s definition of Grace is not “unmerited favor” at all, it is a lie. Read Lk 2:40. At no time, ever, was God’s “unmerited favor” upon His Holy and Righteous Son! The reason why God’s exact original Gospel Truth is not understood by so many is that few have obeyed what Jesus Christ told us to do in Mt 6:33. We must find first what He told us to find first or we will never find the narrow Gate and the narrow Road. And, it is the real Jesus Christ who is building His true spiritual Church through His one and only spiritual baptism that we must spiritually drink according to 1Co 12:12-13; Eph 4:4-7; etc. Anything else belongs to the “another Jesus” of 2Co 11:1-15, anne robare

  2. g8rben says:

    Thanks for your comments, but I have to disagree with your statements. Your reference to Luke 2:40 I agree with. Jesus did not receive “unmerited favor” as he was the Son of God! However, we on the other hand are recipients of His unmerited favor according to Romans 3.24. As sinful humans, we are in a different place from Jesus and are in need of unmerited favor freely given by God through His grace. Matthew Henry in his classic commentaries agrees with this foundation for God’s unmerited favor. We do seek after Christ as the head of the church as you see, but we, unlike Christ, are in need of God’s unmerited favor.

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