Trying not to covet

I’m writing this entry from Brittani Roberts’ sweet MacBook Pro and trying so hard not to covet. What is it about mac’s? Someday I will have my own…here’s my latest thought…I was reading George Barna’s book Revolution this morning and he says that the two fastest growing types of Christian gatherings is home churces and cyberchurches. I’ve known about the internet campus for a little while now. out of Oklahoma has had one for a little while as well as Seacoast Church in South Carolina. A very cool concept that a few years ago seemed “weird” but is becoming a much more accepted and exciting venue for bringing people to learn and grow and worship. So as I’ve been spending time over the last few days really seeking God about our new church here in Charlotte, and this seems like it might be a direction for us to go.

What if we started an internet campus right from the start? Is that crazy? Maybe so, but it is certainly emerging as a very viable church venue. A place for people to gather and grow and ultimately be released to serve Jesus. This would take a lot of resources right from the beginning. Our services would have to be recorded to high quality video and then transferred to a very nice internet “lobby” that is beyond the do-it-yourself home website. Hmmm…Thoughts?? Is this crazy?? I’d love to hear what you think.


2 thoughts on “Trying not to covet

  1. Ty says:


    What’s up buddy?!? I didn’t know you were starting a church until just now! That’s awesome. I am going to shoot you an email. By the way…I loved Barna’s book Revolution. Talk about blow tradition out of the water!

  2. Brett says:

    Hey Ben,
    Im Brett Thompson, campus pastor of Seacoast Greensboro. I saw your post on Swerve. Id love to hook up with you to chat about your plant and the vision for the church. Feel free to email or call off of the website.


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