Time off

I’ve had the last two days off. It was a quarterly thing for all the pastors at my church. It’s been nice because I’ve been going pretty hard for a while now, but I’ve also felt a certain level of guilt for not working. You ever have that problem? I wish I could just relax and enjoy the time off, but I find myself feeling like I should be doing something. What a pain.


2 thoughts on “Time off

  1. g8rben says:

    Well even if you felt like you should have been working, the boys and I sure did like you being home with us!!!
    I love you.

  2. Jason Quiz says:

    Yeah i had the same trouble yesteday. I had taken the day off to go fishing but when I got home that afternoon I was antsy and could not just relax. I felt really bad for not going to work. It was weird and I gave into my inner turmoil and began packing (cause yes i have to move homes once again). I hate when i loose to myself.

    I love the new blog…I am going to start one for myself here soon too. Along with the 100 other things im trying to do.

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