Terry Storch

Okay, for the 2.5 people who read this blog go to Terry Storch’s blog and read it on a regular basis. He’s the Digerati guru at LifeChurch. Holy cow, he and the team there are right out on the edge of ministry and where we should all be heading. Completely strategizing how to leverage everything technology has to offer to show people Jesus. Then at the same time, he doesn’t live in this tech-induced smugness. His blog also covers the realities of life and the joys and stress of ministry. Thanks Terry for impacting me, and we’ve never even met (although we did talk on the phone once.)


One thought on “Terry Storch

  1. Terry Storch says:

    Thanks Ben…really appreciate the post and the kind words.

    It was cool to chat on the phone and connect. Let me know however I can help.

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