Somewhere over the Western US

On the way to Seattle on the third plane of the day, because storms suck when you’re trying to fly. Had good conversation about church and what brings people to church and what causes churches to grow, plateau and decline. There’s so many factors and since I’m not working on a doctoral thesis I’m not going to do any research anytime soon. All opinion and anecdotal, but it seems worship style certainly is a big influencer to people’s opinion of church. Why is that? Church is about so many things, worship being only one, but it influences people in such a powerful way. Is it selfishness, immaturity, whining? Or is it legitimate that individuals’ taste in how they express their love for God must be recognized and acknowledged as integral to how they engage church? I’ve never really thought about it that way…hmmm. One thing I do know is I get excited talking and thinking about this stuff. Alright, we’re heading down so time to shut the computer down. My first blog entry from a plane…cool. Oh and going to see Rainier for the first time tomorrow, at least from the ground…good stuff.


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