Pick up this book

Confessions of a Reformission Rev. by Mark Driscoll. I’ve only read the first chapter, but it’s worth the price of the book just for that. It’s Chapter 0, which an administrative friend of mine has trouble with, but yes it’s the first chapter of the book. I’ve been a fan of Mark Driscoll for a few years now. I first ran across him in a book from Relevant Media called the Relevant Church. I was at a point in my youth ministry where I saw things changing and couldn’t put my finger on it. I began to explore the postmodern church movement and was intrigued. It seemed to answer some questions that I had, and gave me insight into some of the directions I saw young people, and ultimately the church, traveling in. But it was missing something. There was a check that I had, I was reading Brian McLaren and others of that ilk but I wasn’t convinced they were totally on track. The more I searched the more I became uncomfortable with their theology. It seemed at the end of the day the full, unblemished truth of Jesus, our sin, His death, our complete need for Him, and the unquestioned validity of all the bible had to say was missing. It had become more of a philosophical movement rather than a bible-based faith movement. At this same time I began feeling the call to plant a church and was looking for a basis for this struggle I was experiencing and how it would relate to a future church. I knew culture and the views of people toward Jesus and faith were changing, but I was struggling to bring it all to a coherent whole as I explored my fundamental values of what church should be. Then I read Mark Driscoll’s chapter in the Relevant Church. He nailed it. He was reaching the current generations and cultural expressions effectively, and Jesus was at the core of it all. I remember telling Casey, “he nailed it!” So, I began listening to his podcasts. Devoured his first book. And am finally diving into his latest. He’s not for everyone. He’s brash. Sometimes he says things that maybe he shouldn’t, but you know people are getting saved at his church like crazy. He’s impacting the ENTIRE culture of Seattle. An entire city is being affected by this church. How many other churches can truly claim that?

We have to get outside of our traditions. Not in a crazy, tattoo-everything-and-pierce-what’s-left-over kind of way, but in a way that engages culture where it is now. Not where it was before, not where it was when we saw our greatest successes, not where we think it should be, not in a way that glosses over the “sticky” parts, but where it is NOW. People want real. Our culture is real. It’s right there in your face. Jesus was right there in the faces of the cultural giants of the time He walked the earth. Revelation presents a Jesus who will return and get right in the face of the world, riding a giant horse, carrying a giant sword ready to kick some tail. Why shouldn’t we follow that example?

You know I started this entry to be quick, just a short recommendation of the book, but it stirred something. I’m fired up, I’m ready to go preach!


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