Lessons from a neo-Samaritan

I read this last night in National Geographic Adventure magazine, and it really struck me. Read the whole thing and search yourself and your willingness to be the unemployed coal miner who would give up his lunch. I messed my back up pretty good and have been on the couch most of the last two days. Today I was talking to a neighbor about it and how I was wanting to mow the grass but it was going to have to wait. We talked a while longer and I went inside to set up camp on the couch. A little later I heard a lawn mower and thought “who’s mowing their grass?” as most folks were at work. Then I saw my neighbor out my window and realized he was mowing my yard. That was cool. Then I had to ask myself would I have done the same thing? Are we really showing Jesus or are we just waiting on the sidelines for a booming sign from above? Time to be ready and open to just give and to just care for our fellow man.


3 thoughts on “Lessons from a neo-Samaritan

  1. Kristin says:

    Sorry about your back. That really stinks. Hey it sure did make for a great blog though….that was SO AWESOME of your neighbor. I wish more people were like that. Including myself. Like you said, would I have done the same? The other day our neighbor took our trash to the bin because we had placed it outside our door. That was cool. One day when I have a lawn and mower of my very own, oh and neighbors with grass, I’ll have to re-evaluate the answer to my first question. For now I’ll start with taking out my neighbor’s trash if they’re ever lucky enough to leave it outside their door.

  2. cruisecontrolca says:

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  3. jason says:

    A very interesting article. I think we often forget what it means to really love others. It is easy to be kind and buy someone lunch when we have money but is it easy to give some one everything you have? Is it easy to give when you will go with out or it really requires something of you, like your neighbor actually having to get out and physically mow your lawn.

    Thanks for sharing the article. It is always good to be reminded about loving and caring for others. I know that at times I feel I can’t do anything because I don’t have extra money to help people, but the reality is that I have everyhting I need to help others.

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