Okay, I send out this message basically begging folks to read my blog and then I don’t blog! What crazy loser am I!! Well here’s my list of excuses…we are now in our new house. It seems as if it’s a forever process to get fully moved in but it’s been great. Kind of scary, a mortgage and all that, but cool. I actually enjoyed mowing the grass for the first time, sure that won’t last. Cool blessings cause we got the lawnmower for free and we got a vacuum for $4. Yeehaw. I’ve finally left Blue Bell. Good thing but still a little scary. I’m now in the even more glamorous industry of pavement cleaning. I drive a big truck that sprays water out the bottom. Hey it pays better and I don’t have to wake up at 3:30. Other than that it’s just been a lot of wondering about where God is taking us, but I’m through that season now. One of my last days in the Blue Bell truck I got over my frustrations (again) and began to ponder the unbelievable opportunities I’ve had in my life…so read on to my next blog.


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