Auto glass

I was driving in my truck today, cause that’s what I do to pay the bills, and I saw an auto glass business. It was a small shop with someone’s name in the title so I figured someone started the business and grew it to a respectable size as they had a nice facility and several bays to presumably install glass in cars. It got me thinking about starting a business. Why can’t I start a business? Which I immediately answered (I know I had this conversation with myself, so I’m a freak) “cause I don’t know enough about anything to start.” How do you get into your own business? How do you decide what the business is going to be? I remember talking to a guy that was an assistant manager at a fast food place once and he and his wife were going to open a craft store. Now that’s nice, but this was a small town and where is a craft store really going to go? You gotta have something that’s going to grow, expand, take off, like Best Buy or Wal-mart for that matter, and those are already taken. Then I realized what I know is church. And I have this nut job idea that I can start one. I guess there’s plenty of people out there who think that’s pretty crazy, I’ve had a few say so. But still thinking about it made me feel a little better. I am entrepeneurial! Ha! It’s not an ego thing, but it gave me an understanding of small business owners. They know something, a market, and they figure out a way to service that market. Isn’t that what a church plant is? People are afraid to relate church to business because that’s heresy or something, but come on. Business is about profit. If you’re going to make a profit you’re going to do all that you can to promote your business. You’re going to strive to be the best there is, to promote what you do, to convince people they need what you have. Now the flip side of that is lot’s of business is based on crap people don’t need to have and that’s where I think people get afraid of equating church with business. But at it’s essence they’re the same, but not quite. I had this point made to me by a good friend who is fairly successful at what he does and is passionate about doing better all the time. I was telling him how I could understand his passion for what he does and he told me, “Yeah, but what you do is so much more important. You’re about people’s eternity, heaven and hell. That’s way beyond anything any business ever does.”
So yeah I’m going to start a small business some day soon. I’m going to be an entrepeneur. But I’m trusting God, not market trends for my success. Everyone needs Jesus, and I know I have a responsibilty to be the best I can at showing them and guiding them to the truth of the cross. It’s going to take investment, creativity, ingenuity, excellence, diligence, hard work, but how much more important is that compared to auto glass?


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