We’ll see…

Going to see where this leads…how can you be an unemployed pastor? You can’t really, but you sure have a lot of thoughts swirl around in your head all day doing your other job. I have a feeling this is going to take a while to become something, but there is something there. Something’s going to come…at least that’s what I tell myself all day at my other job. It’s funny cause the other day I had this cool way to start this thing off in my mind and of course it would turn into a book deal and Zondervan would offer me money and I’d going on the Willow_Saddleback_North Point_Lakewood_Mars Hill speaking circuit and I wouldn’t be unemployed anymore, but now that I’m sitting here writing this I can’t for the life of me remember what it was. Hmmm. Life sure seems perfect when you’re driving in your truck (my other job). Anyway, don’t now if your on board or not, I guess you kind of are if you’re reading this, but stick around, we’ll see where this thing goes.


4 thoughts on “We’ll see…

  1. Ben says:

    I meant to add “fellowship” into that speaking circuit list too, cause man it’d be cool to speak there!

  2. jasonquiz says:

    Your right you can’t be an unemployed pastor because if you’re a pastor you’re always employed. You’re not necessarily making money at it but that is not the point of it…is it. A pastor cares for people, continually teaching them and helping them grow in their faith. You do not need to be appointed to a specific church or be making money at it in order to be a Pastor, if you are a Pastor then you’re a Pastor 24/7. God promises to always care for our needs and at times full fill our desires and wants in a mind-blowing way. Some times the provision he sends is in the form of a truck; a truck that allows you to spend lots of time with Him as well as pay the bills. Not too many people have the opportunity to just sit and talk with God all day long. The times that I used to spend driving a tractor all day long at LIFE East were some of the best times of my life. So use this time to really learn his voice. Buy a voice recorder and dictate the sermons and series that you want to teach later on. Think through plans and strategies and let this truck be the birth place of your future ministry. Let it also fuel the ministry that God has put you in right now. The world is your mission field and you have been called to pastor those around you. You do not need four walls to accomplish this. Think of some of the great Prophets. Did they have a steady income? Did they work in the Temples, or did they travel through out their day in and among the people, trusting in God at every turn to provide for their daily needs. Sometimes God puts us in the most remote and obscure places to teach and train us. He wants the distractions to be minimal and he wants you to be uncomfortable enough to not stay where you’re at but move forward. If you liked the training ground you might never leave it, so simply trust in Him and he will never let you down. Be faithful with the little and he will give you more than your heart can dream of. Do not wait to become a pastor but let who you are permeate every day, everywhere and in everyone. If you do this you will not be an employed pastor.

  3. Ben says:

    The student has become the teacher…yeah you got me. And you’re right. Today was a tough day, started real bad, but I did exactly what you just talked about, focused on him, focused on his love and provision for me RIGHT NOW and the day ended much better than it began. Thanks Jase, appreciate you bro.

  4. jasonquiz says:

    Hey I might be just sitting behind my desk storyboarding out web sites (which at times are uninteresting) but it doesnt mean the young jedi hasn’t worked on his skills.

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